hi all, nice to meet you..

i’m Paulsen Siahaan. i’m just an ordinary people just like you, nothing special. I like sport and music so much. For me music is a Gods little reminder that theres something else in this universe besides us. Harmonic connection between everything, even the stars. So, all we have to do is listen (August Rush).

I like almost all of music genre. But if i have to choose, i would like to choose classic’s music. There are something different for me when listening the classic music. I can feel the music flow through my heart that make me feel comfort. Beethoven with Symphony No.9 and Fur Elise, Mozart with Symphony No.9, Paganini with Capriccio are my favorite music. I have a dream if one day, someone special in my life is a classical professional opera singer and she plays a grand piano very well (*God, please read my blog :LoL:)

If we talk about sport, basketball, football and billiard are my favorite. And again, if i have to choose, i’ll choose billiard as my favorite one. Because that’s a great challenges for me in playing billiard.

Information of Technology is my education background and i work in IT field. For the first time when i started to learn about IT, there was one thing in my mind ‘Oh my God, what i have done ? i don’t know about this stuff at all’. Because, in my Senior High School, i didn’t get any sciences about Computer and Technology. But know, i’m very grateful for the chance to know about Information Technology. There are so may changes in my life, even my mindset and i can feel it.

hmm… i think i have told you everything about my life. See you next time and enjoying my blog. 🙂


8 thoughts on “about

  1. adisembiring says:

    Ngeri maho ces 😀

  2. latteung says:

    Horas, selamay marsitandaan ma lae….

  3. Syalom, jala Horas sian ahu bah :lol

  4. […] Ende untuk android baik HP maupun TABnya, sebelumnya mari kita berterima kasih buat Developnya : Paulsen Siahaan . say : mauliate Paulsen […]

  5. PARHORBO says:

    Maaf ampara,marga siahaan dope ampara doli nidok lae nangkin…

  6. PARHORBO says:

    Amparaaku nggak bisa instal di samsung galaxy note 10.1 ku.mohon bantuannya ya ampara.mauliate.Tuhan Yesus memberkati

  7. apa ada “Buku Ende HKBP untuk iphone / ios”
    tolong email ke saya ya ..


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